How to use QRNG on Web3

The ANU QRNG API provides a source of trusted, neutral and unbiased quantum random numbers. The numbers are generated at the Australian National University physics laboratory by measuring the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum. The QRNG API is now available for Web3 applications through Airnode.

Call this Airnode API

Read the Airnode developer documentation to learn how to call Airnode APIs. You’ll need the Provider ID to call any endpoint in this API.

Provider ID: 0xf04253f7fd31bb257a70283ea67daa3638220c56458b8b8a05b16f6d6c44efa3
Provider XPub: xpub661MyMwAqRbcEyTr1tnWWvmn87bt5VBqUdjs5FkVzQvWg7dWL9asDcvRuR26YdxLqe9kvmnfV4sezT6Csyb1yoizA5xZQXd3T9wqmwUgARm

Reserved Parameters are used to control Airnode behavior and are available for all endpoints.

Available on Networks:

Find more information on each chain Here.

Chain Airnode RRP Contract
Rinkeby 0xF9C39ec11055508BddA0Bc2a0234aBbbC09a3DeC


  1. /jsonI.php


This is the only endpoint for now. The API accepts three request parameters. If the request is successful, the random numbers are returned in a JSON encoded array named data. You’ll need the following Endpoint ID to call this endpoint.

Endpoint ID: 0x53cfd355f72c16865938fded128ff1bc444898408fb3f7bf61dc55d84004d903

Request Parameters

type  // can be 'uint8' (returns an integer between 0--255), 'uint16' (returns an integer between 0--65535) or 'hex16' (returns hexadecimal characters between 00--ff).                                                        
size  // only needed for 'hex16' type. Set the size of each block. Must be between 1--1024.

Fixed Parameters

length = '1';  // length of the array to return is fixed at 1.



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