API documentation

To provide a more reliable service, the QRNG@ANU API is now hosted on AWS platform. Please visit our new service at ANU Quantum Numbers. The old service will be scaled back and eventually retired.

The QRNG@ANU JSON API supports three parameters. These are:

  • Data type, the data type must be ‘uint8’ (returns integers between 0–255), ‘uint16’ (returns integers between 0–65535) or ‘hex16’ (returns hexadecimal characters between 00–ff).
  • Array length, the length of the array to return. Must be between 1–1024.
  • Block size, only needed for ‘hex16’ data type. Sets the length of each block. Must be between 1–1024.
https://qrng.anu.edu.au/API/jsonI.php?length=[array length]&type=[data type]&size=[block size]

If the request is successful, the random numbers are returned in a JSON encoded array named ‘data’.


Requesting 10 random numbers between 0–255


Requesting 5 random numbers between 0–65535


Requesting 10 blocks of random numbers in hexadecimal format. Each block is between 0000–ffff


Try it out

Data type
Array length (max 1024)
Block size (max 1024)

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