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Secure Quantum Communication group,
Centre for Quantum Computing and Communication Technology,
Department of Quantum Sciences,
Research School of Physics and Engineering,
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We are the secure quantum communication group of the ARC Centre of excellence for Quantum Computing and Communication Technology (CQC2T). We are hosted by The Department of Quantum Science of the Research school of Physics and Engineering at the Australian National University.

Dr Thomas SymulDr. Thomas Symul completed a five year engineering degree in Telecommunications at the ENST in France, as well as an honours degree on the Interaction of Light and Matter at the University of Paris VI in 1998. He then was awarded a PhD in Physics by the University of Paris VI in 2001 for the work he conducted at the Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures of the CNRS in France. The main subject of his thesis was the classical and quantum study of a nonlinear amplifier based on cascaded second and third order nonlinear effects. He joined the Quantum Optics group at the ANU in 2002 to work on continuous variable quantum information protocols such as Quantum Teleportation and Quantum State Sharing, secure communication experiments such as Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Random Number Generation, and more recently on experiments probing the interface between discrete variables and continuous variables such as continuous variable Hanbury-Brown and Twiss interferometry and Schrödinger kitten generation. He is one of the co-founders of Quintessence Laboratories, based at ANU developing secure communication products for which he now provides scientific and engineering guidance. Currently, Dr. Symul is the manager of the secure quantum communication program of CQC2T.

Dr Assad SyedDr. Syed Assad obtained a joint PhD between the National University of Singapore and the Australian National University in 2011. The main subjects of his PhD were the realisation of Harmonic Entanglement between a light beam and its second harmonic, and theoretical proofs of security for Quantum Key Distribution protocols. He has been working full-time with our group as a research associate since January 2011. His current research interests include Quantum Discord and the development of a fast QRNG.

Prof Ping Koy LamProf. Ping Koy Lam completed his BSc with a double major in Maths and Physics from the University of Auckland in 1990. He worked as a process engineer for Sony (audio electronics) and Hewlett-Packard (semiconductor LED) for 3 years prior to his post-graduate studies at ANU where he obtained an MSc in theoretical physics, and a PhD in experimental physics. His dissertation was on generation of squeezed light, quantum electro-optic control, and quantum teleportation. He was awarded the Australian Institute of Physics Bragg Medal and the Australian National University Crawford Prize for his PhD dissertation in 1999. Since his PhD graduation, he has worked at the Erlangen-Nürnberg Universität and Paris University as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and CNRS Visiting Professor, respectively. In 2003, He was awarded the British Council Eureka Prize for inspiring science with his scientific research and outreach activities in quantum teleportation. Three years later, he won the University of New South Wales Eureka Prize for innovative research for his work in continuous variable quantum key distribution. He is currently the ANU quantum optics research group leader, and the ANU node manager of CQC2T. He is the chief scientist and co-founder of QuintessenceLabs Pty. Ltd, the first Australian company to commercialise quantum communication technology. He has published more than 150 articles with more than 25 papers in Physical Review Letters, Science, and the Nature journal suite.